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The federal government must bridle spending and make cuts to discretionary expenditures. The first step is to restrain spending back to a 2007 level and freeze the discretionary expenditures until the federal debt in under control. The only way to control debt in the future and stabilize the economy is to pass a Balance Budget Amendment and establish the dollar based on precious metals. A balanced budget amendment would prevent government waste and force federal departments to justify all expenditures. In addition, when the federal government institutes a new program, the program should be set to expire after a short term unless it proves successful.

The economy stabilizes when consumers and employers foresee a stable future economic climate. In business, cutting cost is essential to generate profit and create success. The stimulus plan did not work. Government incentivization of the private sector will help to reduce costs and streamline tasks of government. Tax cuts should be extended permanently to consumers and employers. Business investments and job creation will not follow an uncertain future economic climate. The American People are now enslaved by the income tax. However, the government is too big and fat now to totally dissolve the IRS. Until we can form a sensible solution, creation of a flat tax or fair tax are fair alternates.

We need to put America and Texas back to work. Creation of jobs is a complex issue centering on economic stability and growth coupled with positive future economic climate. History tells us that Americans and Texans are mostly employed by small businesses. Thusly, empowering small business and consumers impacts the economy. The method of empowering small business is to let them do business. Government regulations cost employers approximately $10,585 per employee. Those regulations and costs stifle the business' desire to hire more employees. The solution is to reduce the amount of regulation and taxation facing small businesses. Reducing regulations coupled with economic reform and a positive economic climate will foster job creation and put America and Texas back to work.

The federal debt is the highest in our history. At last check, it is estimated at 19 trillion dollars. Also, experts suggest that currently it is growing at 2 trillion dollars per annum. It is impossible to create economic stability with an expansive debt. The mechanism to reduce debt is not to spend more than you make. Also, you abolish debt by paying on the principal. America must bridle its spending and pay on the principal. With the world community looking at our every move, America must reform its thinking and educate its people. We must not think about what we want immediately ('microwave' thinking) but must evaluate long-term goals and establish solutions to achieve those goals in the future.

There was a time in this country after paying for what you needed that people could save about 20% of their income. Now the government taxes that income and takes the extra. The tax code is more extensive than the encyclopedia. Unfortunately, on the short term, we cannot abolish the tax system or the nation would face collapse. However, institution of a flat tax at 10% across the board is fair, generates capital for government function, and streamlines IRS collections. With the flat tax, one could cut the IRS budget by at least one-half. The flat tax is also temporary until its function and success can be assessed. The nation is in severe crisis and drastically needs some degree of tax reform. Until a new tax system can be instituted and with time proves effective, a flat tax is a fair, positive, and significant option that should not be overlooked.

Dr. Mitchell will resist any new taxes and promote tax cuts where possible.

Liberty in our society begins with our treatment of the weakest among us. Mark believes that abortion attacks at the foundational pillars of society. As a physician, Mark has delivered babies and understands that life is precious. He believes that life begins at conception and he will fight both now and in the future for the protection of the unborn. In his practice, he has helped women find alternatives to abortion. Dr. Mitchell supports an anti-abortion amendment.

Family is vital to the survival of America. Without family, America will fall from within. Our founding fathers created a nation of individuals with self, community, state, and federal government. The family is part of the self and community government. Good families produce good citizens. Good citizens produce good communities, good states, and ultimately good governments. Strong, healthy, educated, and thriving individuals produce a strong, healthy, educated, and thriving nation. Strong families are the solution to our nations woes. Dr. Mitchell supports marriage between a man and a woman. He is married to Hannah and has a 2 year old son.

The right to bear arms is an essential element to a free society. It reinforces every other individual right outlined by the Constitution. Dr. Mitchell carries his concealed handgun, Texas DPS Level 3, Texas DPS level 4, and Federal Firearm License with honor and supports every American's right to bear arms. Mark would oppose any legislation that attempts to limit our second amendment right to bear arms.

The single most devastating enactment to a free market society is Government-controlled healthcare. America most certainly needs insurance reform but the ACA allows open access to healthcare without cost control. Open access without cost control will only increase the federal debt and worsen the financial crisis. Healthcare should not be regulated. With regulation, America's healthcare system is reduced to that of Canada, England, or any nation of the world with socialized medicine. The mandated individual insurance coverage is unconstitutional and un-American. Government controlled healthcare will worsen backlogs and physician availability and increase cost to citizens. The ACA must be replaced and insurance reform instituted or an alternative to the ACA found to help the people of America with healthcare access.


Mark is not a politician, but a board-certified physician, attorney, custom home builder, and an investigation & security small business owner. He went to medical school, law school, seminary, and graduate school in Public Health. Mark also completed a Health Policy Fellowship in 2014 after travelling the nation studying health policy and how to make our healthcare system better.

Mark's desire to make a difference led him to charitable work. From 1989 until 1996, he was a teacher and staff physician at Christ for the Nations in Dallas. While at CFNI, Mark conducted medical missions all over the world. After CFNI and until now, he served as a teacher, committee member, physician, attorney, missionary, lecturer, and friend to staff, students, and administration. Mark is married to Hannah and has a 2 year old son. He has been a member of Emmanuel Church since 1998. He resides with his family in district 6 for many years.

Mark is a Republican grassroots activist for 22 years. Mark served as a Republican Precinct Chair, Area Leader, member of the Bylaws, Rules, and Judicial Review Committees. Mark served as a member and Chair of the Rules Committee for the senatorial conventions, and twice a member of the Rules Committee at the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) state convention. Mark served as a delegate to the Republican state conventions for 20 years. Mark ran for State Representative in the Republican primary in 1998 and 2000 against a Republican incumbent of 17 and 19 years, respectively, until the incumbent drew Mark's precinct out of the district. Mark also ran for US Congress in District 33 as a Republican against a very liberal Democrat in 2016.

Mark believes that this is the most critical time in our nation's history! American families are facing severe challenges from the economy, healthcare, immigration, crime, tax increases, and government regulations. Mark possesses the unique combination of education, integrity, and experience to best represent the working people of Texas District 6. Mark has outlined plans to help repeal Obamacare and replace it with a workable solution for the hard working Americans that are getting shredded by Washington's poor policies. Mark wants to enact and to support legislation that will create jobs, build the economy, help small businesses, and make America safe again by securing its borders and seriously fighting terrorism. Mark believes that an elected official should be a public servant that truly represents the people over their own monetary interests and the monetary interest of others entrenched politicians.

Government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people. Government should not be for a group of wealthy and entrenched politicians that have set their own agendas which are contrary to the best interest of 99% plus of the Citizens they represent. Mark offers a VERY MUCH NEEDED and fresh approach to the problems facing the US Congress at this particular time. I humbly request your Vote and Support for Mark Mitchell for Congress, District 6.

Thanks and God Bless!


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